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Since starting as a music teacher in 2017, I’ve been working with students of all ages and abilities and guiding them as they increase their practical and theoretical skills.

I hope I can introduce you to new exciting experiences making music and that you have as much fun as I do. I tailor lessons to each student based on individual needs and goals. We can work on sight reading, preparing for RCM exams, or songwriting and improvising... It all depends on your interest and how I can help. 

If this sparks your interest, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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My focus is classical guitar, but I have experience on acoustic guitar and electric guitar, and in many genres and techniques including pop, rock, folk, and blues.


What a great first instrument! Learn chords and strumming, playing and singing, fingerpicking, improvising, and practical music theory.


If you are preparing for an exam or audition, or want to understand how music works more deeply, listen more critically, and write and perform more accurately; music theory lessons are for you.


Ear Training and Sight Singing develop our inner ear and are fantastic in combination with music theory to help us play by ear, understand what we hear and enjoy the same music with fresh and enhanced ears.


Ask me about lessons for groups of 2-3, or ensembles I am currently running! Learning in a group can be fun, cost effective and boost creativity. Check out my "Watch" page, to see some of my students in action!


I teach from my studio in Burnaby B.C. but if the travel is inconvenient or impossible, I also give lessons over Skype and Facetime.

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